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Be Prepared!

by Scott Stillings - Posted 4 years ago

Who wants to sit around at a car dealership for all day? When you come to get a car unless you are bring a load of cash or don't need any financing, You are going to  need a loan. Most car dealerships are happy to arrange financing or just do the loan themselves. When you have all your "Stips" or items the dealer may ask for you will get moved to the front of the line and may even get a better deal. Lenders see prepared customers as more credit worthy. Make sure you have your drivers license, Proof of address, Proof of income (Your paycheck Stubs, atleast 2), Proof of a banking account, Utility bill and be able to obtain car insurance. Most states including FL require proof of insurance on the car BEFORE you leave the lot. Insurance is a huge hang up. Call your agent and let them know you will be calling for a quote and pre-arrange the call. Having these items will get you done hours ahead of anyone else. We see it everyday. Customers spending 3/4 hours at the dealership obtaining all this info. Get it together at home and be ahead of other buyers! Good Luck! 

Scott Stillings
DriveNation USA