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Cash Cars

by Scott Stillings - Posted 4 years ago

Are you looking for a cash car? What is a "Cash Car" We get these questions almost every day. In our opinion cash cars, are cars under $3000. They could be cars under $1000. It just depends on your opinion. We get trade ins almost every day and these are cars that wont necessarily meet our DNUSA standards, but will get you back and forth to work. In most cases these cars are $500-$1500. We get Chevy Impala's, Nissan Frontier's, Nissan Altima's, Ford F150's to name a few. These have came in and been sold this week. Cash cars provide a good opportunity for cheap transportation. You will still need state insurance and to register it legally. You can always see our cash cars online at www.drivenationusa.com

Happy Shopping!
Scott Stillings
DriveNation USA