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by Scott Stillings - Posted 3 years ago

Tax season is here again -- and if you're like many Americans, you'll be using this year's refund to do something car-related, whether it's fixing your current car, paying it off or buying a new one. In fact, more than a quarter of Americans say this year's tax refund will go to some sort of automotive-related expense.

Given that the average refund is around $3,000, we decided to offer a few used-car suggestions for drivers interested in using their refund to buy a vehicle. While you can't buy any of the cars on our list for $3,000, your refund will represent an excellent down payment on all of the vehicles we've listed, as each one is easy to find for around $13,000 or less. That means you'll only have to finance around $10,000, which will result in an affordable monthly payment -- and at the same time, you'll get a newer, nicer, more reliable car than you would if you financed the same amount with no refund to use as a down payment. We have plenty of cars like Nissan Altima's, Chevy Impala's, Ford Fusion's, Toyota Camry's just to name a few. If you are in Bradenton and looking for a Buy Here Pay Here dealership to get you next vehicle, DriveNation USA is your stop. Feel free to contact us to help you navigate your next vehicle purchase this tax season.

Scott Stillings

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