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Tax Refund Sale and Choosing a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

by Scott Stillings - Posted 4 years ago

What Is a Buy Here, Pay Here Dealership?

When you sign a contract to buy a car with a traditional car dealership, it passes the contract on to an auto lender, which provides a loan for the purchase. With a buy here, pay here (BHPH) dealership, however, the dealer sells and finances the cars on their lot. This Febuary and March, if you are Tax shopping for a vehicle, Here what you can expect.

BHPH dealerships specialize in working with people who have bad credit or no credit history at all. As a result, they can provide an opportunity that some borrowers will have a hard time finding anywhere else.

Before you consider a BHPH dealer, though, it’s important to consider both the benefits and drawbacks of doing so.

  • Credit-challenged borrowers can get approved: If your credit is in bad shape or you haven’t had the chance to build a credit history, you may think financing a car through a dealership is out of the question. With a BHPH dealership, however, approval standards are lower than what you’ll find with traditional lenders.
  • The process is simple: When you buy a car from a BHPH dealer, you’re done with the entire buying and financing process when you drive off the lot. With traditional dealerships, it can still take a while to complete the loan process, especially if you have bad credit.
  • Costs are high: Because BHPH dealers work exclusively with people with bad or no credit, they tend to charge higher rates than traditional auto lenders that have a mix of borrowers with good and bad credit. Depending on the dealer, you can expect to pay an interest rate as high as the maximum rate allowed by law in your state however, not at DriveNation USA.
  • Selection is limited: Instead of picking a car and then talking about financing, BHPH dealerships first determine your eligibility, then show you which cars you qualify for. This means you might have fewer options than you would with a traditional dealer.
  • Expect to make a large down payment: Working with bad-credit borrowers carries a certain amount of risk. To help mitigate that risk, BHPH dealers typically require a larger down payment than a traditional dealership might expect. If you don’t have much cash on hand, it will limit your choice of cars. At DriveNation USA we can get you driving for $499 Down.