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Tips for purchasing a new to you car

by Scott Stillings - Posted 1 year ago

 I have owned and operated used car dealerships for many years. I would offer a few pieces of advice. Before buying a used car, take it to a real mechanic and get it checked out. Not a oil change or a brake place but a real shop. This will cost less than $100 and point out any major issue. Any used car will have issue, most folks only care about the major things. The second thing is always buy an extended warranty or service contract. The biggest thing with these contracts are to keep any service records. Ask the previous owner for theirs, when buying from an individual. The companies will want proof of general service in the event of a major engine or transmission failure. The last thing with history reports, understand they are only as good as the person who enters that data. Not every accident or issue is reported. Work with a reputable dealership like DriveNation USA, they will stand behind their product. 

Scott Stillings
DriveNation USA